Ubi bene, ibi patria

Hello guys, how do you do?
Aline, 16, Russia. The most Russian person you have ever met. I am melancholic, faineant and indolent. Light-hearted sometimes.
Sometimes I am even patriotic - love russian folk, especially the song "Polyushka Polye".
Born in Kazakhstan - one of post-Soviet states. Moved to Russia when I was four.
Judophilic, like arabic culture, crazy about middle ages.
Love Umberto Eco, Henrik Senkewizch and secretly adore Dan Brown.
Not secretly admire Stephen Fry.
Paul Bettany, Benedict Cumberbatch and Hugh Laurie.
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Doing my best with a verse masterpiece that all my Russian friends tell me is as untranslatable as it is matchlessly perfect…

Whatever it is, it overwhelms…


“I don’t know whether it was an eternity, or just one minute, but I see Frenkel in the middle of the junction, with a sea of bullets whizzing around him from every direction. and I see how instead of running to the other side of the junction he starts dancing all of a sudden. like he’s in some sort of trance. like he’s telling them that he doesn’t even have the first intention of getting out of that junction. like he wants to stay there. forever. as if he wants to dance a waltz in the midst of all their bullets, with all those huge posters of Bashir hanging above his head.”


“Do I love her?

That question I find difficult to answer. All I knew was that I enjoyed being with her and came to treasure the time we spent together.

She was… different. There was something about her I had never experienced in another woman. That “spirit” I spoke of before, it seemed to come through in her every word and gesture. I’d find myself looking at her, fascinated by the light that seemed permanently to burn in her eyes and wondering, always wondering, what was going on inside? What was she thinking?


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Is that you Desmond? (x)

sweet Jesus what the fuck :????GJKAJGAKSGJgjkasJGK

Что за хуйня?

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when I find myself in times of trouble

tom hiddleston comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


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We’re lost. We’re lost, Tommy.

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Tap, Tommy.

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I’m sorry. It’s okay. I love you.

I love you, Tommy.

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Oh, Warrior. Such a wonderful, sad, sad movie. Cried rivers.